Please remember to select either Himmel or Silverlake under “Field Preference” during registration.

Youth Programs in Action!

Groups are based on age:

  • Soccer Pups (age 3-4)
  • Youth Academy (U6-U8) 

Himmel Park Info: Starts September 13th, 2021. 

The groups meet on the west side of Himmel Park for practice on Mondays & Wednesdays for Youth Academy & Pups

Where: Himmel Park, Tucson, AZ. (West side, near the playground.)
When: Monday & Wednesday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM for Youth Academy / Pups
Games: Saturday, time and location TBD
Off Days: TBD

Silverlake Park Info: Starts September 14th, 2021

The groups meet on the upper west soccer field of Silverlake Park for practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays for Youth Academy

Where: Silverlake Park, Upper West Soccer Field, Tucson, AZ
When: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Games: TBD
Off Days: TBD

Program 2021 – 2022 Fee
Soccer Pups (ages 3-4)
Fall Season & Winter Season
$200 Fall and Winter/$100 Fall Only/$100 Winter Only
Youth Academy (U6-U8)
Fall Season & Winter Season
$200 Fall and Winter/$125 Fall Only/$125 Winter Only


For 3-4 year olds, with required parent participation. The program meets once a week, for 30 minutes, where the head trainer will have a bunch of activities planned for the parent and child to play together. Focus will be on motor skill development and fun with a soccer ball. 

The goal of the program is to foster a feeling of joy with a soccer ball, provide a wide range of movement development activities, and give parents ideas of how to play at soccer with their pre-schooler. 


The goal is to produce consistent technical players with a strategic understanding of positional roles and responsibilities upon graduating into a team at U9.

To achieve this, our youth academy focuses on individual technical ability, ball skills, and introduce a team environment to teach the basics of being part of a team.

The first four practices of each session will be an evaluation period so that we can move and place your sondaughter into the correct age & skill level group.

The group meets twice a week for an hour. At each practice, players are guided through age appropriate activities by experienced trainers. They often finish a session playing 3v3, small-sided games. 

After we have achieved a satisfactory level of play for each age & skill group, we’ll look to play other local clubs a few Saturdays each season. 




U8’s have two play days each week, and a gameday on Saturday morning at Himmel Park (Tucson). 

During the week, players are engaged in age appropriate activities, guided by experienced trainers, with the assistance of volunteer parents. 

On select Saturdays, the trainers will organize a mixing of the players, into short 4v4 games. 

The club works to organize a few special U8 game days where other clubs are invited to bring their U8 teams to play 4v4 games with our U8 teams. This gives players some great experience playing with other kids and testing their skills!