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We hope you all are doing well during these unpredictable times. We just wanted to touch base with our members and let you know we are still here. We know there have been a few more soccer club mergers. More and more small clubs are joining the bigger clubs but we are not one of them, we want you to know we are still here and will keep looking to the future and ensure our players have a one of a kind experience. Focusing on not only player development but also on our other important philosophies, like teamwork, sportsmanship, and the plain ol’ love for the game. Challenging times are ahead but as long as we have the members that embrace this challenge, our kids will prevail. More information will be coming soon.

– FC Sonora Soccer Club Board

Youth Program

Our Youth Program is growing! We are expanding to include Silverlake Park starting in September! Please select either Himmel or Silverlake for “Field Preference” when registering.

Our Mission

Develop a soccer club committed to player development, sportsmanship and teamwork through positive coaching and parent support.

The game is for the players; therefore, the player’s developmental needs are always the primary focus. 

Since 2010, we’ve focused on teaching skills and an understanding and love for the game.

Our Core Values

Skill Development
Sense of Community

Our Sponsors

Youth Programs

Soccer Pups

Foster a feeling of joy with a soccer ball, provide a wide range of movement development activities, and give parents ideas how to play at soccer with their 3-4 year old pre-schooler.

U5 - U6 Youth Academy

Focuses on individual technical ability, ball skills, and introduce a team environment to teach the basics of being part of a team.

U7 - U8 Youth Academy

Gives players some great experience playing 4v4 games with other clubs, new kids, and a way to test their skills!

Practice Location

Himmel Park
1000 N Tucson Road
Tucson, AZ 85716

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Practice Location

Silverlake Park
2420 S Kino Pkwy
Tucson, AZ 85713

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We Soccer

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Mon - Sun 8a - 8p

+1 (520) 225-9518

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